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Development Status of Baking Machine

Publish Tina On 2018-06-01

Now development status of baking machine is rapidly, with the development of national industry standards issued and implemented, many baking enterprise in new product research and development and the restoration of traditional products, start with food research institutions, institutions of higher learning and related industry professional and technical communication, on the basis of raw materials, food additives, production process, packaging materials, packaging machinery and food machinery and so on to strengthen the specialized cooperative research, for raising the output of product innovation, product quality, process improvement, etc, provide strong support, makes the baked food industry production, more professional, standardized road.
wafer biscuit heating oven
In the future, the baking industry will still showed a trend of sustained growth, income is expected annual growth rate of 11.6%, to 2016 will amount to $12.91 billion annually. This increase is due to the increase of household disposable income, the increase of demand for baking food. But as the market matures, its growth rate showed a trend of slow growth. Intense competition to cause a decline in product prices, is expected to be sales revenue growth was only 8.4% in 2016.
In the face of such situation, although the baking industry will soon celebrate the glorious future, but there are big gap compared with foreign enterprises or. For this purpose, the scale of the enterprise must take the lead in efforts in the direction of the high-end products, to get the current domestic third of foreign procurement baking machinery products, enhance the level of domestic baking machinery industry and competitiveness.
With the increasing demand for bakery food, baking machinery market got great development in the domestic, and baking machinery enterprise quantity also in constant growth. Our company is mainly produced baking machine, such as wafer biscuit heating oven, biscuit baking machine, etc. The all machine has good quality, meet the export standrad. 

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