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How to Use Make Egg Tart with a Machine?

Publish sherry On 2018-05-31

Egg tart is delicious, people often use egg tart machine to make egg tart shell to achieve the large production. How to make egg tart with a machine? There is a company which mainly produce different kinds of egg tart machines, so l have learned to make egg tart by using egg tart making machine.
First, people need to prepare materials: Low gluten flour, high gluten flour, butter, cream, water. Pour the dilute batter into the tinfoil shell and then put the tinfoil shell on the egg tart making machine, the machine can make cantonese egg tarts, the Portuguese egg tarts, coconut tart, etc. So you can choose your favorite mould and starting the machine, the machine will run automatically, few seconds latter, the tart shapes was formed. 
how to make egg tart with a machine
Then, mix well the milk into the egg yolk paste, stirring evenly,pour the paste in the tart, preheat oven to 200 degrees 10 minutes, and then put egg tart into the preheated oven, 200 degrees, middle, upper and lower fire, about 20 minutes. tart baked until golden brown skin, with focal points can be egg tart in yellow. If you want other flavor, can be cooked in water with tart purple potato cubes, or beans, fruit.
The egg tart machine is controlled by Imported schneider PLC, forming by pneumatic pressure, advanced technology is a guarantee of the quality of the machine, it is made of stainless steel, turntable mechanical structure, strong and easy to clean. The mold of machine can customized according to customer requirements. There are three capacity: 28pcs/min, 36pcs/min, 48pcs/min, it demands the turntable's turn speed, and it can not be changed after the machine was made.

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