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The origin of the Portuguese egg tarts

Publish Tina On 2017-01-14

Fresh egg tarts, bottom layer meringue crispy, amber caramel, milk and eggs, enrich its sweet sprinkle cinnamon or icing sugar. Bite, as thin as paper, leather is sweet and crisp, inner egg liquid dilute concentration, melt in your mouth.and the rich perfect fusion of milk, egg tarts, caramel proportional control properly, make the egg tarts sweet and not greasy. it is really will leave a mouthful, long aftertaste. women and children all love it, and it is a popular food.
egg tart
A small Portuguese egg tarts with Portugal amorous feelings, from Portugal, Spain, France, Britain and other European countries, and arrived in America, and popular in Asia, covering the world, become the rage of Portuguese cuisine. The Portuguese hospitality, look at food production, especially sweet food, also set up special pastry associations from all parts of the Portuguese, eat, and became one of the features of the country.

We know French food, Chinese food is popular in the world's most widely, making art fusion of the national culture, to become the world's food lovers of good family, and for Portugal in this country, because over a long historical origin, also left a very local color, small and delicate food become the pride of the Portuguese people.
The Portuguese egg tarts were widespread in the world, that is a recruit fresh day eating! Its reason is widespread, based on simple, easy to make. It is said that the British ANDREW STOW to the egg tart to Macao, to switch to English custard filling and reduce the amount of sugar, and to the famous snacks. 1989 Andrew in the vessel, a tart sand street, open a cake shop, Andrew is the ancestor of Portuguese egg tarts develop Asia market.

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