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Hot Sale Ice Cream Cone Production Line

Publish Lisa On 2019-02-16

The following picture is a fully automatic ice cream cone production line, which is a special equipment for making large output ice cream cones. The output is varied, and the output of the sugar cone depend on the size of the baking plate, one hour can make 3,000 to 7,500 pieces ice cream cones.
Ice Cream Cone Production Line
The machine is hot sale, because this automatic production line has a large output, high efficiency, good quality, low energy consumption, it is popular by many users. Now it has been exported to many countries.

Features of Automatic Ice Cream Cone Production Line
1. Standard cone size: 45mm in diameter and 115mm in length, can also be customized.
2. Heating method: liquefied gas heating.
3. The conveyor material is made of aluminum alloy or PVC.
4. The machine is equipped with a mixer and a transporter.

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