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Ice Cream Cone Rolling Machine For Sugar Cones

Publish Lisa On 2019-01-11

The sugar cones rolling machine is a professional equipment used to roll a piece of biscuot into an cone, is usually used with a baking machine. The rolling machine consists of one roller,  automatic rolling, put the baked biscuit sheet under the roller and then machine starts working, rolling the biscuit sheet into cones. The machine structure is simple, a person can complete the production of the cone, high efficiency. 

Sugar cones rolling machine uses high quality electrical components, the temperature controller is free to adjust the temperature and the customer can change according to their product formulation. Finished sugar cones with a beautiful appearance, entrance crisp, suitable for making business, simple low investment and high return.
Rolling Machine for Sugar Cones
The Advantages of Rolling Machine for Sugar Cones
1. The machine produced by high quality stainless steel 304, ensure the food more safety and healty.
2. Working with high efficincy, can roll the biscuit sheet into a cone with large capacity.
3. The rolling machine mainly used with ice cream cone baking machine.
4. It with stable performance, long working time, characteristics.

The rolling machine can be used together with a baking machine and a storage tank to form a semi-automatic ice cream cone manufactuing equipment. If you are interested in our products, you can call us +8615515571373 or mail for more information. 
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