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Wafer Biscuit Manufacturing Process Video

Publish Lisa On 2018-10-12

Wafer biscuit machine is dedicated to large, medium, small sized wafer biscuit factories developed equipment, the equipment produced wafer biscuit with high quality, different production capacity, customers have more choice. A lot of customers who want to be in the business or are doing the business usually find our factory, say their needs, and then want to see the work video of wafer biscuit manufacturing process, here we share a production video.

As shown in this wafer biscuit manufacturing process video, making wafer biscuit requires more than one machine. Wafer biscuit manufacturing process according to the process and production needs, the main equipment are: batter mixer, including monochrome or two-color beating, pumping device; baking oven, including monochrome or two-color slurry series, oven temperature and speed control device. Biscuit sheet cooling machine, cream smear and laminated tablet press machine, laminated forming mainly reciprocating and flip-plate; transition conveyor Biscuit sheet cutting machine, cream mixer, wafer biscuit crusher. In addition, we can also provide the large-area cold press and refrigeration equipment after applying the cream according to customer's request.

Wafer biscuit machine is characterized by advanced electronic control technology, energy saving and save money, biscuit non-stick template, very fine powder, flour slurry with very little oil. Energy-saving electric heating wafer biscuit production line, full-voltage heating, no pressure loss, the use of electricity, automatic temperature control, to ensure uniform biscuit color, stable quality, is the factory's long-term hot products. Liquefied gases, natural gas heating wafer biscuit machine, two kinds of gas can be switched use, industrial computer control touch screen display work condition, automatic temperature control, various alarm, protection facilities security, is the power of tension, increase capacity hardship preferred. If you still don't know much after watch the wafer biscuit machine video, you can contact us anytime.
Wafer Biscuit Manufacturing Process
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