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How to Peel Red Skin Peanuts by Machine?

Publish Lisa On 2019-01-14

How to peel red skin of peanut? By using the red skin peanut peeling machine, it can remove the skin quickly with high efficiency and without damage. The peeling machine is specialized in peanut skin removing, the skin and kernel can automatic separation, it is suitable for dry groundnut.
How to Peel Red Skin Peanuts
The removing machine has a small size, high efficiency, easy operation, stable performance, safe and reliable, low breakage rate, characteristics. It is used for pre-peeling red skin of peanuts to make coated peanut, peanut milk and other peanut products.

Working principle: dry red skin peanut peeling machine adopts the working principle of differential rolling friction transmission, in the peanut rice after baking moisture less than 5% "avoid baking paste" when peeling, and then through the sieve screening, ventilation system will be leather, suck away, Make the whole grain peanut kernels. Half-grain. The shredded angle is separated, which has the advantages of stable performance, high productivity, good peeling effect and low half-grain rate.

The peeler machine is widely used for peanut skin removing, if you want to know more details and price of the peeling machine, please contact Ms.Lisa whatsapp number: +8615515571373, email:
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