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Baking market rapid development,equipment innovation needs to keep up

Publish Tina On 2016-12-22

Basis for the evolution of history and experience of other countries, once the economic development to a certain extent, bakery products are introduced, market capacity will be further expanded.

In fact, China's baking wide prospect of market information has been do not need to be obtained from the analysis report. At present, our country's baked goods, second-tier cities gradually from one to three or four line city and the rural market penetration. Biscuit baking food gradually become one of the breakfast staple of residents in our country. And consumer groups are expanding and will achieve universal coverage from children to the elderly. Therefore, from the facts can clearly know the baked food industry in our country will accelerate the growth in the future.

As long as has a strong technical support, we can truly achieve breakthrough. Now our country is basically realize mechanization of baking. The more advanced technology and equipment, the easier the victory. This also means that the domestic baking market competition gradually from the "price war" vicious competition, into the product quality and product research and development as the core of orbital benign competition.

Improve product quality and innovative product research and development are closely related with baking equipment and the development of the technology. Popularization and application of new technologies in current food machinery mainly nanotechnology, intelligent technology, membrane separation technology, cold sterilization technology, extrusion technology, etc., including Nanotechnology and intelligent technology has bigger advantage in baking food machinery. Intelligent technology has been widely used in food machinery of the control system, can improve the production efficiency, and can play the machinery itself has potential.

Waffle cake oven for the good metal insulation structure, beautiful appearance, with a grouting system, gas heating system, gas leak alarm system, the template transmission and connection devices. The burner uses a high degree of energy-saving combustion technology, greatly improving the combustion efficiency. Double baking room insulation structure, so that the baking tray in the upper and lower furnace more effective heating, furnace temperature uniformity.

wafer biscuit oven

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