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Easy to Make Donuts

Publish Lisa On 2016-12-20

Donuts, also known as Dona Zi, Donuti, it is a dessert made of flour, white sugar, cream and eggs. The shape of the two most common middle hollow ring, or the dough middle package into cream, egg paste (refers to egg to a liquid, custard) closed sweet fillings donuts.

donuts making machine

Donuts are still the most popular in the United States, and any pastry shop or fast-food restaurant is sold. From 5 years old to the age of 75 have a consistent love for it. In Asia, donuts are mainly used as snacks, but in the United States there are many people with donuts as the staple food for breakfast, and even set up a donuts day".

Traditional donuts practice cumbersome, finished taste in general, a single shape, no aesthetic. Today we teach you to break the traditional donuts thousand times, how to do the export are sweet but not greasy, delicious and healthy, the changing shape of the DIY doughnut!

Using the donuts making machine is the ideal choice,adopt the high quality 304 stainless steel shell, luxurious foot, strong appearance, fixed casting new design, higher precision, more reasonable design, fixed casting sand, more smooth, higher grade, new control panel design, new statistics, statistics can be under the number of material, more convenient. Motor noise, small heat, stable use, longer life.

The host can automatically control the frying temperature, frying time automatic control, automatic forming, automatic propulsion, a number of statistical production, the speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted by adjusting time. Can automatically complete the two fried move and will complete the fried doughnuts automatically sent frying machine. Donuts host with internal and external machine two parts, the machine can be removed, the machine can also open the electric heating tube, which can facilitate daily cleaning.  

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