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Peanut Roasting Machine's Characteristics

Publish Lisa On 2018-03-01

Many peanut processing food manufacturer often use the peanut roasting machine to make the roasted peanuts, meet the customer's demand, people can buy this food like to eat easily, then do you know what benefits of roasted peanuts for our body? Roasted peanuts are suitable for malnutrition, loss of appetite, cough of people to eat; for patients with beriberi to eat; suitable for women with postpartum milk deficiency; suitable for people with various hemorrhagic diseases to eat; suitable for children, young people and the elderly to eat, can improve children's memory, contribute to the elderly tonic health.
peanut roasting machine
The emergence of peanut roasting machine greatly reduces our human power, saving costs. The following characteristics of peanut baking machine.
1, thermal efficiency 60% ~ 75%, heating up fast.
2, small size, easy installation, the use of safe and reliable.
3, the use of high temperature materials, the output air temperature of 50 degrees ~ 300 degrees.

The peanut roaster machine with high efficiency, saving fuel. Long life, rapid temperature, temperature stability. Do not pollute the roasted peanuts and other raw materials. Easy to install, easy to operate. Particularly applicable to all kinds of food materials and industrial, agricultural, chemical, life and so on. The peanut mechanical oven consists of the same area of the activities of multi-layer stencil composition. First melon seeds, peanuts and other baked snack food distributed equally in the top surface of the net, the thickness of the stalls in the two centers of the height of about 1/2, bake interval after a certain period of time, pulling from top to bottom screen manipulation handle, So that the baked goods layer by layer, and finally achieve the purpose of baking. Roasted seeds, peanuts, jujube and other dry goods with bright color. If you want to know about this machine, please email me for the machine price.
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