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Where Can I Get A Pizza Cone Forming Machine?

Publish Lisa On 2018-02-06

Are you still looking for a pizza cone forming machine? Today I am here to introduce a practical cone equipment. Pizza cone forming machine is a commercial cone pizza machine, is specialized in hand-held pizza machine, you can create a flavor pie cone pizza, Ken will win the sweet bucket pizza, Pizza Hut, such as sweet cone pizza pie cone pizza.
pizza cone forming machine
Its wide range of applications, suitable for use as Western-style shop equipment, cake room equipment, leisure food factory equipment, tea restaurant equipment, bakery equipment, beverage shop equipment, coffee shop equipment, tea shops, fast food, snack shop, pedestrian street playground takeout, etc.
This product all stainless steel casing combined with aluminum alloy mold, the appearance of simple and generous, with a food-grade pizza tube mold, insulating materials to prevent mold sticking to the cone. According to different formula to adjust the upper and lower model of the pizza Barrel mold temperature, manual operation, disposable can produce 2 or 4 cone. Equipped with automatic alarm device, product quality is stable, through the CE and iso:9001-2008 and other international standards certification, safe and reliable, is an ideal pizza cone production machine.
Purchase our pizza cone making machine, we will provide customers complete after-sales service, free package to teach technology to remove your worries, one-year warranty, but also free to enjoy the factory long-term free technical support and a variety of taste formula information! Welcome new and old customers to the factory site visits, free test machine, on-site operation.
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