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The Origin Of Ice Cream Cones

Publish Lisa On 2018-02-05

ice cream cone making
A lot of people are interested in the history of the ice cream cone, who invented the cone ice cream? Invention comes from ordinary life, this is a simple truth, also applies to ice cream cone.
1904, at the Expo site in Saint Louis, Mr. Ernest, from Syria, is selling a Middle Eastern dessert called Zalabia, while another Mr. Arnold sells ice cream at first, with ordinary cups and saucers, but by midday all the cups were out, and when Arnold didn't know how to deal with the afternoon business, Ernest rolled his pancake into a cone and handed it to Arnold. Arnold used this cracker to roll his own ice cream, so Zalabia turned into an ice cream cone. Unexpectedly, this edible ice cream cone is very popular.
Today, in the birthplace of Ernest, Damascus, it has been believed that the home of the delicious ice cream cone. For a century, the smooth ice cream and crispy cone have never been separated.

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