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How to Make Ice Cream Waffle Cone?

Publish sherry On 2018-05-31

Ice cream waffle cone is crisp and fragrant, the making method is very simple. What a happy thing if learned how to make ice cream waffle cone then share with family. Now, we will share with you production process of making ice cream cone.
how to make ice cream waffle cone
1. Prepare the material: egg, cake flour, sugar, salad oil, vanilla extract.
2. Add suger into the egg white, use the mixer beat to rigid foam, add vanilla, whisk, add flour and butter alternately for three times, make it to a smooth batter.
3. Preheat the ice cream cone machine, scoop a small spoon of batter, placed in the middle of baker, cover. Control the time according to the level of the soft and hard you like.
4. Open the lid, roll the cake to a cone with cone mould while the cake still warm. It is soft when just baked out of time, it will be crisp after dry, and the ice cream cone is finished.

If you want to start ice cream waffle cone business, this ice cream cone baking machine is very fits for you. It can make 500 pcs at per hour, so as to save much time for you. The ice cream cone baking machine is suit for you to make ice cream waffle cones with high quality. It is made up of 9 baking pans, and the size of the cone is determined by the amount of grouting, which every hour can produce 500 pieces ice cream cones, the cone machine is suitable for many ice cream cone factory, ice cream factory and other food procesing factory.
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