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China Peanut Brittle Machinery Manufacturer

Publish Lisa On 2018-05-11

peanut brittle machinery making peanut cnady
Peanut brittle has a long history, in the world are very popular, peanut brittle machinery manufacturer in order to expand market demand, independent research and development of the production of peanut candy cutting machine, the machine made out of peanut candy taste crisp, sweet entrance. The machine is mainly used for the molding of peanut sugar, sesame sugar, shaqima and other foods. It has continuous feed preloading and multi-channel roller rolling automatic molding, product surface formation, density moderate, thickness uniformity, the real realization of automation, intelligence; The machine uses the frequency conversion technology, each department movement by the PLC control coordinated accurate, may to the different product and the craft adjusts the speed and the thickness to achieve the product molding effect. Now people often eat the peanut brittle, do you know what is it made of? In fact, it is not difficult to guess that they are all made by machines, and this is in keeping with our contemporary features. Peanut brittle making machine. A lot of peanut brittle machinery manufacturers have appeared.

As a professional manufacturer of making peanut candy machines, peanut candy making machine is consist of peanut peeling machine, peanut roasting machine, sugar pot cooking machine, forming machine, cutting machine, etc, if you need, we can provide you the whole line, and the machine can make different shapes and size peanut candy. Our product has passed iso 9001:2000 quality system certification. We are committed to providing high efficiency peanbut candy line in line with international quality standards. 
peanut brittle machinery manufacturer
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