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Hot Selling Of Peanut Brittle Machine

Publish Lisa On 2017-08-17

peanut brittle maker
The brief introduction of peanut brittle making machine:
1. Automatic laying material, pressing flat, cooling, cutting and forming.
2. About the same width product, the length and thickness can adjust arbitrarily; About the other width product, just change the knife shaft.
3. The conveyor belt speed can be adjusted.
4. Easy to operate, high degree of automation.
5. The machine is durable and high efficience.

The peanut candy machine is a professional making peanut candy equipment, it uses the advanced technology, make peanut candy with good appearance, large capacity for this machine, and the machine use the low power, can make others shaped peanut candy and other food, like sachima, cereal bar and so on.
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