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Supply Donuts Making Machine with High Quality

Publish Lisa On 2018-05-03

The donuts making machine is a professional device for making crispy and tasty doughnuts (pastry). Doughnut is a kind of fried food, the shape is round hollow, golden yellow, taste crisp and delicious. It is suitable for catering equipment and homework used in related catering industry. The donut machine is a full stainless steel 304 shell, luxury base foot, firm and beautiful, fixed casting new design, precision higher, more reasonable design, fixed casting sand blasting treatment, more smooth, high-grade, better looking, new control panel design, new statistical functions, can be counted, more convenient.
donuts making machine
Joint-venture motor, low noise, small heat, stable use, longer life. The size of the doughnut can be controlled, mainly by adjusting the material, out of the material, the donut is big, less, small. And the shape of the doughnut can be achieved by changing the mold, convenient and practical. The doughnut host has the inside machine and the outer machine two parts, the internal machine may take out, the external machine may also turn the electric tube, this may facilitate the daily cleaning. Host can automatically control the frying temperature, automatic control frying time, automatic molding, automatic propulsion, can be statistical production of the number of conveyor belt speed can be adjusted by adjusting time. The machine can also automatically finish two times of frying and will be able to send the finished deep-fried doughnuts automatically. Simple operation, high efficiency, is a variety of franchise stores and food factory the best choice. 

So if you are interested with this donuts making machine, please feel free to contact with me, then we will send you the machine price and details.
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