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Tart Shell Machine to Malaysia

Publish Lisa On 2018-05-31

Tart shell machine sold to Malaysia, the company's egg tart shell making machine suitable for hotels, restaurants, factories, institutions, bakery use, can produce Portuguese-style egg tart skin, Taiwan type egg tart skin, take crisp egg tart skin, Guangzhou type egg tart skin and all kinds of other style egg tart skin.
tart shell machine malaysia
The tart shell machine adopts imported Mitsubishi PLC control, pneumatic forming, turntable mechanical structure, shell made of stainless steel, hot die seat, with different molds, can be shaped wide-type egg tarts, Portuguese-style egg tarts, coconut tarts and so on. This egg tart has three kinds of models, the corresponding output is not the same, a minute can make 8 centimeters and more than 28 egg tarts. 7 cm Egg tart skin and below are 36. If you specialize in a wide-style egg tart skin, produce 45 a minute. This Malaysian customer wants to make the Portuguese egg tart skin, the concrete size also informs the company, according to the customer provides the information, the company recommended the GG-X36 egg tart machine.
Note: This tart shell machine is designed for the major food processing plants and catering processing production, the province of manpower, high efficiency.
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