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Wafer Biscuit Plant Description

Publish Tina On 2018-05-31

Wafer biscuit plant is mainly used for making different shapes and sizes wafer biscuits, this type wafer biscuit plant is popular in the world. Fully automatic wafer biscuit making machine, stable, safe, reliable, low noise. There are a wide variety of heating sources for your operation, electricity, gas or fuel oil. 
wafer biscuit plant
Wafer biscuit making machine contains:
1. Blending machine
2. Tunnel baking oven
3. Wafer sheets cooling machine
4. Cream spreading machine
5. Mixer machine
6. Wafer biscuit cutting and forming machine
7. Wafer biscuit crusher machine
8. Wafer biscuit packing machine
Wafer biscuit making machine has design mature technical performance and first-class quality, surface color of wafer biscuit is baking uniform, finished wafer cream evenly, cutting straight. The wafer biscuit making machine running smoothly, no abnormal noise. The wafer biscuit plant has the advantages of reliable performance, high yield, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, simple operation, no pollution, etc.. All electrical and mechanical parts of the line are well-known brands at home and abroad, the service life is long. Contact with food parts are 304 stainless steel, food grade PU with, in compliance with health and safety standards. The whole line includes a tunnel type baking oven, splicing machine, cold machine, cake machine, cream coating machine, freezer, vertical conveyor and cutting machine, the control system adopts PLC control, man-machine interface, simple operation, convenient maintenance and cleaning. If there are customers interested in our products, welcome to come to the consultation, our email:, whatsapp: 008618595717505


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