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Introduction of Sesame Candy

Publish Lisa On 2018-06-06

Sesame candy is crispy and delicious, nutritious, concentrated grain (wheat, millet, rice, millet, sesame) the essence, the traditional snack food produced by multiple fermentation hand-made, is still healthy food for all ages.
sesame candy machine
According to legend as early as the Tang Dynasty, Changzhou began to use maltose, sesame, producing a shape of the Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with sesame’s sesame candy, called Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with sesame candy. To the Northern Song Dynasty, smoke, Jinbing aggressively invade south. Kang Zhao Gou from the capital Bianliang fled south, Jiangnan, a compromise, not to recover the northern territory. People are very angry about this. It was a poem: "the mountain Lou Wailou Restaurant, West Lake dance will cease? Warm wind the visitors drunk, straight to Hangzhou for bianzhou!" To vent discontent. Chang Wu area of the people, then use another form to express the desire to recover the lost land. They will be converted into a cylindrical spherical Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame sugar, like to Montevideo blunderbuss, to encourage its anti Zionist gold courage. As for Zhao Gou Montevideo inspired and get the courage, but not in Changzhou, sesame sugar can make nothing of it, then made into a cylinder and continued until now.
If you want to make sesame candy, there is a company which combines the traditional manual production and advanced technology research and development the sesame candy machine, to solve the traditional sesame candy style of single. And the machine adopts the high quality 304 stainless steel, ensure the finished food more health and safe. Unique delicious taste, save time and effort, a variety of modeling, high efficiency, high yield, the machine has been popular with people's favorite. Please email to, then sales manager will send you the sesame candy machine price and details.
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