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How to Use Wafer Biscuit Sheet Heating Oven?

Publish Tina On 2018-07-23

The wafer biscuit making process is very computerized, each part is controlled by computer. In the whole process, the wafer biscuit sheet heating oven is very important, it has gas in the bottom of the oven, it will erupted baked wafer sheets. There are different capacity and different heating ways can be selected. Heating oven is good metal insulation structure, beautiful appearance, equipped with grouting system, gas heating system, gas leakage alarm system, template transmission and connection device. Burner with high energy-saving combustion technology, greatly improve the utilization rate of combustion. Double baking room insulation structure, make the pan in the upper and lower heating is more efficient in the hearth, furnace temperature uniformity. People can rest assured of the use of the equipment

The wafer biscuit sheet heating oven adopts double furnace chamber structure. make internal furnace chamber heating effect is better, outside the furnace chamber of mechanical part longer service life. The control part adopts Siemens mitsubishi or color touch screen. It can display and set the cookie sheet of running speed, the temperature of baking sheet, the mechanical part, the plasma volume, ignition control, etc.

This wafer biscuit heating oven machine is mainly used for baking wafer biscuit sheet. It adopts hearing-medium conduction technology with heating oil as medium, the plant offers an ideal solution for lower power consumption and overall production cost, and keeping the same surface color for all biscuits. It is a new generation product developed exclusively in China based on the advanced structure of existing plants from domestic market and abroad. Production line with two kinds of modes, one is gas heating and the other is electric heating, which has the main function as follows: energy saving, high production capacity, high automation, high recycle, having long working life, convenient operation, few operators ,up to the national standard of energy saving and no pollution.

The company is a professional wafer biscuit machinery production and processing company, has a complete, scientific quality management system. Rely on strong technical force, strict quality management, advanced manufacturing equipment, excellence in the process of manufacturing process and good reputation, has won the vast number of new and old customers rely on and welcome. Our products sold throughout the country and Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States, by the new and old users praise, in the same industry enjoy a high reputation!
wafer biscuit sheet heating oven
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