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How Many Types of Biscuits Can Made by Biscuit Machine?

Publish admin On 2018-07-23

different types of biscuits
Biscuits are baked with flour and water or milk without yeast, they are used as food for travel, navigation and mountaineering. Now, in order to satisfy different tastes of customers, biscuits manufacturers have produced different types of biscuits.

This type of biscuit is a thin, salty biscuit, usually made of flour, and then sprinkled with flavors, such as salt, herbs, sesame, or cheese, which can be added to the dough or sprinkled before baking.

Cokkies are small, flat, sweet baked or cooked food. It is usually made from flour, sugar and some kind of oil. It can include other ingredients, such as raisins, oats, chocolate chips, nuts and so on.

Chocolate Covered
Half way between biscuits and chocolate bars, are the chocolate covered biscuits. A bit of a grey area but this is where we encounter individual foil wraps, and strange quasi cake, biscuit hybrids like the Waggon Wheel. Also the home of the Jacobs Club biscuit, although this is a sad shadow of its former self thanks to the French again.
biscuit machine
All of these biscuits can be made by advanced machinery, and the appearance of biscuit machine has brought great benefits to biscuit manufacturers. Labor costs have been reduced, productivity has increased, production has increased, and biscuits have been produced at a higher quality. And this biscuit machine can make different kinds of biscuits, realize a machine more use of the effect, is a more convenient and practical biscuit equipment. If you are looking a biscuit machine, please email to for machine price and details.

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