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Which Cookie Making Machine is Good For You?

Publish admin On 2018-07-16

Cookie making machine is a kind of equipment specially used to make cookies. The cookies made by this equipment are various in shape and satisfy different tastes of customers. If you want to start the cookie business, which kind of cookie machine would you choose? Which cookie machine is right for you? What is the shape of the cookie you want to make? These are the issues that you have to consider.
cookie making machine
Cookie making machine from noodles, feed, pressure skin to molding, conveying, waste recycling, baking, fuel injection, cooling, cake, packaging and other mechanical and electrical integration automatically completed. Cookies thickness can be adjusted, mechanical speed adjustable, stepless speed, and there is a fully automatic temperature control, leakage automatic power off alarm and a series of advanced devices. Various specifications of toughness, crisp, which makes semi-finished, cookies, soda biscuits, sandwich cookies, can be matched to form a variety of biscuit machine equipment. The function of the toughness biscuit machine is to put the dough into the machine and roll the biscuit with various shapes and weights. The function of the crisp biscuit machine is to put the dough into the machine by a roll molding, baking, fuel injection, cooling production of golden delicious and crisp biscuits, and cookie pattern can be based on customer's favorite production. Simple operation and low investment, is one of the ideal equipment for investment in food processing plants. It can also be customized according to customer requirements, different specifications of the model.

The cookie making machine has a variety of molds, can produce dozens of of flower-type cookies, users can adjust their own choice according to needs. This machine makes the biscuit form unique, the pattern is clear, the modelling is beautiful. The machine is simple to operate, using servo motor PLC touch screen control system to ensure the intact dough. If you are interested, please email to for machine price and details.


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