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Widely Used Sugar Cooking Pot Machine Description

Publish Lisa On 2018-06-21

This is a sugar cooking pot machine, do you know what it's used for? This article mainly introduces this machine.
The sugar cooking pot machine is used to cook a large amount of food, heating mode has electric heating and gas heating. Nowadays, it has been widely used in food processing, such as candy, medicine, alcohol, cake, beverage, sweetmeat, etc. Not only these, some large restaurants and dining rooms are also use it to boil soup, stewed porridge, etc. Because of its high heating area, high thermal efficiency, high quality and shorten the boil time and improve the working conditions. It is the ideal equipment for boiling food.
sugar cooking pot machine
The sugar cooking pot machine is mainly composed of boiler body and tilting frame, boiler body is formed by the inner and outer spherical pan, inside and outside the two steel tanks can be released into the space through the release of steam. Also can according to your require to add the agitator and cover.  
Features of Sugar Cooking Pot Machine
1, Sanitary and durable: it adopts the high quality 304 stainless steel and one-piece welded construction. All parts of the food contact are made of 304 stainless steel, make sure the food more health and safety. 
2, High efficient heating: the sugar cooking pot machine can bear a certain pressure steam as the heat source. With the characteristics of large heating area, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, short heating time, easy to control the heating temperature and so on.  
3, Tilt capability: boiler body can be tilted less than 90 degrees, which easy to remove your products.
4, Easy and safe to operate: this machine equipped with pressure gauge, safety valve and electric control box.
5, Environmental protection: During boiling, smokeless, dust-free, little carbon, and no environmental pollution.
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