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Peanut Roaster And Our Direction of Development

Publish Lisa On 2016-11-29

Peanut roaster machine is mainly used for peanut, peanut, chestnut, walnut, almond, broad bean, coffee beans, seeds and other granular material baking or drying the rotary drum, heat conduction and heat radiation principle, using coal as fuel; the production cost is low (baking was baking content with smoke exposure, the number of peanut) mouth proof of use of the factory, the machine has the advantages of convenient use, high efficiency and energy saving, durable etc.The products are of good quality, hygiene and taste, and can reach the standard of export.

peanut roaster

GELGOOG company actively take the road of science and technology plant , to establish their own corporate brand, and a number of foreign manufacturers to establish friendly relations of cooperation, our company's new food machinery to meet the market demand change rapidly. Over the years, the company with good corporate reputation, superior product quality, excellent after-sales service, won the majority of users of praise and trust.

In recent years, the company to accelerate the pace of development of enterprises, expand the scale of enterprises, increase investment, enhance the strength of enterprises, development of new agricultural products to adapt to the deep processing of new products, great strides toward internationalization standard direction.

GELGOOG company all the staff of the company with exquisite technology and warm and thoughtful, high quality customer service service, relying on scientific management, and create economic benefits for the user to work with the first-class standard, first-class service, first-class work efficiency to meet the needs of users.

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