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Donuts Making Machine Manufacturing Process

Publish sherry On 2018-09-15

donuts making machine manufacturing process
When using the donuts making machine to make doughnuts, you don't need to use any tools. First, you just need to pour the mixture into the hopper and set the temperature. Depending on your taste preferences, deep-fried doughnuts can be seasoned with the next step, such as wrapping chocolate, syrup, etc., and sprinkled with sugar. Specific operation steps: The premeasured flour mixture is mixed with the appropriate amount of wet ingredients The wet yeast slurry (for leavening) is mixed separately and carefully added to the flour-water mixture. Next, a large dough hook first mixes and then simulates the human kneading process, pulling and stretching, as it homogenizes the ingredients and develops the dough by forming the gluten into elongated and interlace fibers that form the basic structure of the doughnut. Once the yeast has had time to rise, the dough is loaded into a hopper that feeds the dough through an extruder. A cover is then placed on the machine and the machine is pressurized, forcing the dough into tubes that 'plop" out a pre-determined amount of dough into the desired shape—rings for conventional doughnuts and circles for doughnuts that are to be filled with jam or creme. The raw doughnuts are conveyored to the proofing box, a warm, oven-like machine that slowly allows the doughnuts to rise or proof as the yeast ferments under controlled conditions. Proofing renders the doughnuts light and airy. After proofing, the raw doughnuts fall automatically, one row at a time, into the attached open fryer. It takes two minutes for a doughnut to move through the fryer. Next, the doughnuts move under a shower of glaze. The doughnuts are conveyored out of the production area to dry and cool.

Testing Video of Donuts Making Machine

The above is donuts making machine manufacturing process, this machine made of high quality stainless steel, with energy efficient heating appliances, automatic molding, automatic temperature control function etc characteristics. This machine turn the donuts automatically, using screw-type adjustable device, discharge port can be up and down arbitrarily according to the height of oil level. The size of donuts can also be adjusted by how much of the material. The donuts making machine is capable of producing a variety of mini donuts integrated, it can produce various types of donuts by replacing moulds. Complete production line manufactured according to GMP standards, standardized production processes, less human factors, product quality and stability, in line with food hygiene requirements. People want to this machine, please contact us, we will send you the machine price and manufacturing process.
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