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Ice Cream Cone Machine Factory in China

Publish Lisa On 2018-08-20

In China, there is an ice cream cone machine factory located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. Here strategic location, convenient transportation, convenient for customers to visit. Our factory is a collection of scientific research, production, sales and service as one of the one-stop operation of professional production of ice cream cone equipment factory. Has a complete, scientific quality management system, strong advanced technical force, we continue to research, innovation, after repeated testing, for customers to create practical, convenient boutique equipment. GELGOOG Machinery is a professional machinery manufacturers to make ice cream cone and also supply other ice cream cone machines. There machines with many different models, output is different, customer can choose the suitable one.
ice cream cone machine factory
Notice of Ice Cream Cone Machine
1. Regarding the freight bearing: The ice cream cone machine factory's product price does not contain any freight tax and the commissioning installment fee, is the machine factory price. Because the way of delivery is not the same as the delivery location is not the same as the freight price is not the same, so the factory should be based on the buyer's delivery method and the location of the receipt to determine the freight price, to ensure the final transaction price.
2. About the product Picture: This product picture according to the actual machine shooting, because the camera photography and the actual product inevitably has the color error, all takes the kind as the standard.
3. About the receipt of goods: when receiving, must be in the courier or shipping company staff in front of the package inspection, the goods in the transport of the loss or damage, please do not sign, should face back, or to the freight company to make a claim.
4. Regarding the confirmation receipt: After receiving the goods, must confirm the receipt in 24 hours, the overdue malicious delay, regards the initiative abandons the Post-sale service.
5. Regarding the return: if not the quality question, the user request returns, needs to undertake the round-trip freight. 

So if you are interested with our ice cream cone machine, please contact with us, and welcome to ice cream cone machine factory to visited the machines. My email is
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