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How to Peel Red Skin of Peanuts?

Publish admin On 2018-09-10

Peanut red skin is wrapped in peanut kernel surface of the skin, usually in the peanut further processing, red skin will be removed, then how to peel red skin of peanuts? Here i have a working video of peanut skin removing machine, that can peel the peanut red skin with high efficiency.

This peanut skin removing machine is maily used for removing the skin of peanuts, is also called the dry type peanuts red skin peeling machine. It can not only can be used for removing the skin of peanuts, but also can remove the skin of the almonds, pine nuts, almonds, soybeans, etc. But all these materials should be roasted by the peanuts roster, roasted peanuts though the principle of friction. Peeling rate is very high, very high efficiency than manual. Peanut kernels and peanut skin can be automatically separated in final step. Final products can be used into next peanuts related foods immediately, does not affect the production process.
how to peel red skin peanuts
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