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Why Choose Biscuit Packing Machine from Gelgoog Machinery?

Publish Lisa On 2018-06-14

Why people choose biscuit packing machine from Gelgoog Machinery? The manufacturer mainly produce packing machine for many years, the machine with high quality, and has a wide application. The following points are the comparison between the traditional packing machine and the company's biscuit packing machine, the company's packaging machine is more advantageous.
why choose biscuit packing machine
Traditional biscuit packing machine
1. Mechanical adjustment the bag length. Before the bag length adjustment success need empty bag running machine for a period of time.
2. Use the knob to adjust speed, use buttons set the bag length.
3. Use screw to lock the film roll, the core of of the film will change with the width of the film. Need to adjust many times.
4. Technology can't upgrade.
5. No fault in the interface display.
Gelgoog Machinery biscuit packing machine
1. Use the program to set the bag length. Can setup directly.
2. Packing speed can directly input the touch screen, easy to operate. Automatically detect the bag length or direct input data on the touch screen.
3. Can be fast loading and unloading, automatic to center.
4. All control by the software implementation, convenient upgrade. 
5. Interface with fault display, easy to troubleshoot. 

The biscuit packing machine is a pillow type packing machine, this machine has a wide range of uses, this machine is suitable for food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily necessities, disposable supplies, hotel supplies, metal products, plastic products, toys, stationery, industrial supplies, auto parts, industrial parts. It's worth buying.
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