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Pizza Cone Maker Machine Feedback From Italy

Publish Lisa On 2018-08-24

Italian customer's praise: A letter from an Italian customer who purchased one set of pizza cone maker machine from our company. From the time he received the machine, we have been paying close attention to the customer's experience. This time we received feedback from the customer after using the machine, and the customer also shared a few pictures about his pizza cone shop. When the customer buy the pizza cone maker machine, he didn't know how to choose the machine, and then we gave him some suggestions, also told his some of the functional uses of the machine. Now the customer has started using this machine to make pizza cone and start pizza cone business. The client also said he wanted to buy some more pizza cone moulds to make the different shapes and size of pizza cones.
pizza cone maker machine italy
In the photo, the customer showed us the pizza cone shop, and the finished product, which is very attractive. 

The introduction of Italian advanced technology and technology, well-equipped, a handful in the country. Control the production process of the pizza cone by pressing the key, adjust the upper and lower mode temperature of the pizza barrel mould according to different formula. Pizza cone maker machine built-in automatic alarm device, peripheral power LED + mold core temperature hint lamp, there is a critical stop, as long as one press, the machine will stop working. The pizza cone maker machine can make different flavors of the pizza cone, very popular with users, if you are interested in our machine, you are welcome to call the details of the machine.
pizza cone maker machine in italypizza cone machine italy
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