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Rice Candy Making Machine Manufacturer in China

Publish Lisa On 2018-09-10

As a rice candy making machine manufacturer in China, our factory specializes in the production of rice candy making machine, the machine uses the high quality 304 stainless steel produced, in line with the national food hygiene requirements, all kinds of special shape of rice candy can be produced by this machine. This rice candy making machine consists of feeding machine, mixer, paving machine, automatic cutting machine, cooling conveyor belt. The whole production line adopts PLC frequency conversion synchronous control, cut length can be adjusted, seven roller compacted molding are good, cutting length accurately, the continuous production, to achieve truly automatic intelligent operation.
Machine Making Rice Candy
Sugar Cooking Pot: Usage: electric heating jacketed kettle can be steamed, boiled, extracted and concentrated medicine, can also be used for the production of honey pill practice. And used for candy, beverages, canned food processing units.
Characteristics: The heating area is large, the heat efficiency is high, the heating is uniform, and the boiling time is short, the heating temperature is easy to control and so on.
Rice Candy Cutting Machine: This machine is mainly composed of a stirrer, pressing machine, cutting machine and vertical cutting machine.
Use: the machine is mainly suitable for rice sugar cubes. Has the advantages of simple operation, convenient use, high production and good forming, cutting length can be adjusted etc.
Features of Rice Candy Machine
1. Paving leveling cuts forming one time.
2. This rice candy making machine with multiple leveling structure, pressing smooth, uniform thickness.
3. Advanced frequency conversion, to meet your different needs products.                                                                 
4. Automatic cutting, saving time, saving labor, economical and convenient.
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