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Where to Buy Peanut Candy Making Machine?

Publish Lisa On 2018-06-19

Where to Buy Peanut Candy Making Machine?
In Zhengzhou, Henan province, China, there is a factory specializing in manufacturing peanut candy making machine, the factory was established in 2010, has its own production plan, factory production machines are using advanced technology, combined with the needs of current customers developed.

The main performance and structural characteristics of peanut sugar machine:
The peanut candy making machine has simple operation, time-saving, provincial workers, product specifications, automatic back-and-forth pressure flat, thickness uniformity, transverse slitting one molding, product standards. Peanut candy making machine is mainly used for the production of sachima, peanut candy, melon seedscandy, and a variety of granular products processing.
where to buy peanut candy making machine
Pre-sales services
In order to help customers win the market, the company for customers to carry out early cost accounting, market information analysis, factory design and planning to make it more perfect.

Production Technology Training
Responsible for the customer, in the large equipment sales, so that the vast number of customers skilled in the operation of peanut candy making machine, maintenance, maintenance and other professional knowledge, the company will send professional technicians door-to-door installation, commissioning, to ensure that customers produce qualified products.

After-Sales Service
Company has technical service line telephone, in time for the vast number of users to answer, the elimination of peanut sugar production process of a variety of difficult issues, and equipped with full-time technical division to visit the vast number of customers, in a timely manner to provide users with peanut candy equipment repair, warranty services.

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