Groundnut Chikki Making Machine|Peanut Candy Bar Machine Line
  • Groundnut Chikki Making Machine|Peanut Candy Bar Machine Line
  • Groundnut Chikki Making Machine|Peanut Candy Bar Machine Line
  • Groundnut Chikki Making Machine|Peanut Candy Bar Machine Line

Groundnut Chikki Making Machine|Peanut Candy Bar Machine Line

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
  • Warranty Time: 6 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port/Shanghai Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Groundnut chikki making machine is the ideal equipment for producing groundnut chikki with different shapes and sizes.

Main Feature

Easy to operate, easy to clean.


Introduction of Groundnut Chikki Making Machine
Groundnut chikki making machine is the high quality, high degree of automation, and many functions, and specialized in making peanut candy bar equipment. The machine line consists of peanut peeling machine, peanut roasting machine, sugar cooking pot, mixer machine, peanut candy forming and cutting machine, peanut packing machine. Every machine plays an important role. Here are some important machines show you.
groundnut chikki making machine
Peanut Pelling Machine:
The dry peanut peeling machine is an essential part of the early desquamation of the peanut products. After the drying, the peanut enters the peeling room made up of the friction sand roll, and the kernel is separated automatically to become the complete milk white peanut kernel. The machine has a high peeling rate, after peeling peanut is not broken, color white, protein invariance. Peeling at the same time, skin, benevolence automatic separation. In addition, the machine has a small size, low energy consumption. High efficiency, easy to operate and other characteristics.

Peanut Roasting Machine:
The peanut roasting machine can choose electric heating, gas heating and other ways, the oven productivity, baking food breakage rate is low, color uniformity, non-polluting and other advantages.  The realization of automatic equipment, one person operation, simple and quick. This machine is mainly used in food processing industry, beans, nuts, nuts (such as peanuts, white rice, boiled spiced peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, chestnut, broad beans) and so on to reduce moisture drying, baked cooked products.

Peanut Candy Forming and Cutting Machine:
The machine is mainly used for the molding and cutting of peanut sugar, sesame sugar, shaqima and other foods. It has continuous feed preloading and multi-channel roller rolling automatic molding, product surface formation, density moderate, thickness uniformity, the real realization of automation, intelligent. This machine uses the frequency conversion technology, each department movement by the PLC control coordination accurate, may to the different product and the craft to adjust the speed and the thickness to achieve the product molding effect to be good.

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Technical Data
Name Model Output(kg/h) Diameter(mm)
Automatic Peanut Roaster GGFK-LA 200 2700*1260*1550
Peanut Peeling Machine GG-3 200-250 1200*1050*1200
Sugar Cooking Pot GGFK-100 100 1320*970*960
Temperature Control Nonstick Mixer GG-400W 3-8kg/time 800*1400*820
Peanut Brittle Molding and Cutting Machine GG 300-500 6200*1800*1200


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