Commercial Tart Shell Maker|Tartlet Press Machine Quotation
  • Commercial Tart Shell Maker|Tartlet Press Machine Quotation
  • Commercial Tart Shell Maker|Tartlet Press Machine Quotation
  • Commercial Tart Shell Maker|Tartlet Press Machine Quotation

Commercial Tart Shell Maker|Tartlet Press Machine Quotation

  • Brand:GELGOOG Machinery
  • Pay Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, etc.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Tart shell maker made of high quality stainless steel 202, the machine is mainly used for making egg tarts.

Main Feature

Using imported MITSUBISHI PLC control, pneumatic forming, turntable mechanical structure, all stainless steel shell.


The Application of Tart Shell Maker:
This machine is suitable for cake room equipment, bakery equipment, drink shop equipment, leisure fast food equipment, western restaurant equipment, tea restaurant equipment, leisure food plant equipment, others. Tart press machine is a a commercial, best quotation equipment for making various tart shell.
tartlet press machine
Tart shell maker also can named tart press machine, tartlet shell maker, its main function is to produce different shapes and sizes of tart shell, supply to the major cake shops, food processing manufacturers. The machine is a turntable type. When the material is put in, the machine will automatically press the dough into an tart shell. The tartlet press machine is a eight hole tart press machine, is suitable for hotels, factories, offices, a bakery, can produce the Portuguese egg tart, crisp egg with wide type desktop Tapie Tapie and all kinds of fancy egg tart. 

The Operation Steps of Tartlet Shell Maker:
1) Connect the power supply and the gas source (the power supply voltage 380V, 50Hz, pressure pressure 6 kg).
2) When the power switch is opened, the heating power is opened and the mold is preheated.
3) Pease adjust the temperature control meter to 60 C (from 0 C to 60 C, about 15 minutes or so), and the temperature rise to 60 centigrade.
4) Open the starting power machine to start running, and then open the molding power machine into the working state. Please put the pagoda hand in the die.

Working Video of Tart Press Machine

As a tart shell machine manufacturer, the company has a professional engineer to design and manufacture this type of tart shell maker. Three models of machines are available for customers to choose from. The company also sell a variety of food machinery, for example, multi-functional biscuit machine, ice cream cone machine, other food production and processing equipment, our business policy is puerile, the tart shell machine has reliable quality, our products have been selling export to Singapore, Malaysia and other foreign markets. Welcome new and old friends to call for consultation. Also please have time customers come to visit our factory.
Technical Data
Model GG-X36
Capacity 36 pcs/min
Power 500W, 220V 50Hz Single-phase
Air Consumption 0.2m³/min. (0.6-0.8 Mpa pressure)
Customers themselves ready to air compressor
Dimension L650*W750*H1350mm



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