Spices Powder Grinding Machine For Sale|Sugar Grinder Machine Price
  • Spices Powder Grinding Machine For Sale|Sugar Grinder Machine Price
  • Spices Powder Grinding Machine For Sale|Sugar Grinder Machine Price
  • Spices Powder Grinding Machine For Sale|Sugar Grinder Machine Price

Spices Powder Grinding Machine For Sale|Sugar Grinder Machine Price

  • Brand:GELGOOG Machinery
  • Pay Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, etc.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


The sugar grinding machine is mainly used for making salt powder,salt powder, spices powder and so on.

Main Feature

The machine made of the high quality stainless steel 304, make sure the machine has a long service life and the food is safety and healthy.


spices powder grinding machine
Introduction of Spices Powder Grinding Machine
The machine made of food grade materials stainless steel 304, has wide application, it’s widely used for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry foodstuff industry, grain industry and so on. The crushed raw material can be discharged through the grinding chamber. Moreover, different size of raw material to be crushed can be got through exchanging screen with different mesh. Spices powder grinding machine's inner wall is processed finely, so it is smooth and level. All the parts in the chamber which contact materials surficial parts are made of stainless steal, it’s in conformity with the requirements of state standard and meet the requirements of GMP. According to customer needs, may increase water cooling device and conveyor screw. The machine also called sugar grinder machine, this machine price is different, this depends mainly on the output of the machine, power, voltage, material, etc.
Grinding Machine for Sugar and Spices
The Main Uses of Sugar Grinder Machine
The sugar grinding machine is widely used in the crushing of materials in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. It has a wide range of applications, mainly sugar, spices, chili, ginger, mustard, moringa seed, pepper, curry, salt, flaxseed and so on.
Sugar powder grinding machine working principle:
This sugar grinder machine makes use of the relative motion between the movable tooth disc and the fixed tooth disc, so that the material is crushed by the impact, friction, shearing and the impact of the material to each other. 
The Features of the Spices Grinder Machine
1. The whole sugar grinding machine is designed according to GMP standard, all of them are made of stainless steel.
2. The spices grinding machine has simple structure, high energy and low consumption and easy cleaning. It is the ideal crushing equipment at present.
3. In order to meet the grinding demand slightly below the normal temperature, the water cooling jacket can be loaded.
4. The models of the sugar grinder machine is complete, not only for the small and medium-sized universities, the hospital laboratories and small machines, but also for the production of large pipeline equipment.

Working Video of Sugar Grinding Machine
Technical Data
Model Capacity(Kg/h) Work noise Thickness(mesh) Voltage(V) Power(KW) Speed of main shaft  Size(mm) Weight(kg)
GG200 30-120 <85 10-200 220/380 2.2 4200 480*520*1040 80
GG300 60-200 <85 10-200 380 5.5 4200 750*600*1260 180
GG400 80-300 <85 10-200 380 7.5 4200 780*700*1350 260
GG500 100-500 <85 10-200 380 11 4200 800*900*1550 320
GG600 500-1000 <85 10-200 380 15/22 4200 1200*1000*2000 520


1.Q:Have you exported to our country?
  A:We have wide market all around the world,such as Africa,America,and Asia.All the reputation depends on the quality!  Give us a chance ,we can feed back a satisfaction!
2.Q:How can we arrange the shipping?
  A:We cooperated with some reliable shipping companies for several years,we can be responsible for the shipping to your   country.If you have shipping forwarders in china,we can also cooperate with them!
3.Q:What's the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?
  A:We are specialized in wholesales of food machinery, so the agent in overseas will be highly appreciated !The best   quality with best price,to achieve the win-win cooperation!
4.Q:Can I visit your company?
  A:We have exhibition hall in Zhengzhou city,welcome to visit us to examine the quality and negotiate our business!
5.Q:What payment method do you accept?
  A:We accept payment by T/T or Western Union generally, and also can accept L/C.

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