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Automatic Production Line Maintenance Proposal

Publish Lisa On 2016-12-19

The process of automatic operation or control of a production line without the intervention of a specified procedure or instruction. Its goal is "steady, accurate, fast". Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, business, health care, services and family, etc.Adopt automatic production line can not only from the heavy manual labor, mental labor and poor and dangerous working environment for free, but also to expand the organ, greatly improve labor productivity, improve our ability to recognize and transform the world.

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The application of automatic production line has greatly improved the production efficiency, so the automatic production line once what fault influence on our production capacity is very large, so usually to strengthen the maintenance and inspection of mechanical parts. In order to avoid unnecessary failures at work, affect the normal production, here we give the maintenance of automated production lines to make some suggestions.

Maintenance of automatic production line of single control part is the main part of the detection (including various sensors, various limit switches), control part (mainly PLC logic controller), transmission parts (mainly for various lines, including gas path, circuit, circuit). Generally speaking, as long as the design without the defect of automatic production line, in addition to the use of high frequency, easy actuator consumption need to be replaced, the electric control part does not have what problem, as long as the regular checks, often dust, what should be no problem.

Second, maintain a automatic production line should not only have the control knowledge, but also have some basic mechanical aspects, especially the automatic production line, automatic production line of the higher level, the more careful maintenance.

In short, if problems and hidden faults, should be resolved as soon as possible to protect their normal working state, for our enterprises to create greater value.

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