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Peanut Skin Removing Machine in India

Publish Lisa On 2019-01-29

Peanut skin removing machine is a good machine for peeling peanut red skin, this type is suitable for dry peanut. In India, we have many customers bought this series peanut skin removing machine. The use of the peanut peeling machine is to take off the red peanut skin, this machine is to deal with dry peanuts and other materials after drying peanut into the friction sand roll formed by the peeling chamber, benevolence skin automatic separation, become a complete milky kernel. The machine also called groundnut peeling machine, it can remove the skin with high efficiency.
peanuts skin removing machine
Peanut skin removing machine with high peeling rate, after peeling peanuts are not broken, color white, protein invariance. Peeling at the same time, Pimmy automatic separation. In addition, the machine has a small size. Low energy consumption. High efficiency. Easy to operate and other characteristics. Groundnut peeling machine used to remove peanuts red clothing professional equipment.

The working principle of the dry peeling machine of peanuts using differential rolling friction drive, in the peanut after baking moisture less than 5% of peeling, and then sieve screening, ventilation system will be leather, suction, so that the whole peanut kernels, broken angle separate, with stable performance, high productivity, good peeling effect.

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