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How Do I Operate Ice Cream Cone Making Machine?

Publish Lisa On 2018-06-08

Operate ice cream cone making machine is a skill that every ice cream cone manufacturers needs to master, then how to operate ice cream cone making machine? Here's a specific procedure to help you. 
operate ice cream cone making machine
1. Put the ice cream cone making machine flat on the horizontal table, do not tilt to ensure the stability of the machine.
2. Connect the power supply, set up and down the mold temperature, and then wait for the temperature rise.
3. After the temperature rises, the upper die is pulled up and the die is folded.
4. Pour into the prepared paddle material, and then the upper molded and the next die closure, about a Chita, the cone can be formed.
5. Pull up the upper die, the lower die is opened, the cone will automatically fall into the channel below and slide out.
6. Repeat the above process, do not need to unplug power, timely cleaning up and down the mold, keep clean. 
Ice cream cone making machine with flour as the production of raw materials, can produce a handsome and edible ice cream cone, is an ideal ice cream or other similar food containers of the production equipment. The design of the ice cream cone machine is humanized, easy to operate, convenient and practical. The company's cone machine and series of products, the same variety of molds can be exchanged with each other, and can be a machine matching a variety of cone shape of the mold configuration for exchange, to achieve the production of different shapes of ice cream cone function. So if you are interested in our products, I hope you can contact us at any time, we will send you the detailed information you need.
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