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What is the Price of Granola Bar Machine?

Publish Lisa On 2018-08-16

What is the price of granola bar machine? This is a problem many customers want to know, but the price of a machine is usually determined by the material, output, power, and voltage of the machine. These are essential factors in determining price, if you want to know the price of the granola bar machine, then please contact us and inform us of your specific requirements, we will be based on your needs for you to set prices. If you are not sure what kind of specifications you want, you can also contact us, we will recommend the appropriate machine for you.
granola bar machine price
Granola bar machine is my company's latest research and development of products, the production line of continuous feed, by automatic flattening, automatic crosscutting, automatic vertical cut composition; The most important equipment in the production line is forming machine and cutting machine. Seven-way automatic leveling, leveling density moderate, oat rod thickness uniformity. The machine adopts the frequency conversion adjustment, the cutting size is accurate, the forming Fangzheng degree is good. Machine continuous production, the middle without artificial connection, the real realization of the oat rod production line fully automatic, intelligent operation.

The granola bar has become a popular snack, similar to the traditional pancake (oat bar), which is usually made of oatmeal mixed with honey or other sweet syrup, forming a bar shape. The product is most popular in the United States and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Britain, southern Europe, Brazil, Israel, South Africa and Japan. Recently, oats have begun to expand their markets to India and other Southeast Asian countries. Various flavors are available, from fruits and nuts to chocolate and cotton candy. Now produce this product only need a machine - Granola Bar Machine. 

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