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Widely Used Biscuit Packing Machine For Sale

Publish Lisa On 2018-06-28

The biscuit packing machine is not common in daily life, but the packaged biscuits can be found everywhere in supermarkets and stores. Packaged biscuits are easier to keep and transport. Now this biscuit packing machine for sale, before that, our products were mainly exported to many countries in the world.
biscuit packing machine for sale
This kind of biscuit packing machine uses double frequency control, the bag length is set as soon as cut, need not adjust empty walk, humanized automatic operation prompt, save time and film. The machine has the function of fault self - diagnosis section. The main control circuit adopts imported single-chip microcomputer, man-machine interface, frequency conversion control, convenient and fast parameter setting, centralized and intuitive operation, and fully realizes the automatic operation control of human nature. Temperature independent PID control, better for various packaging materials. The packing speed and bag length are controlled by double frequency conversion, the digital sealing and cutting position is input, the sealing and cutting position is accurate, beautiful and firm. The drive system is simple, reliable and easy to maintain. All controls are implemented by software to facilitate functional adjustment and technical upgrade, never falling behind. High photosensitive electric eyes automatically track accurately. Position stop function, no sticking knife, no cutting material, no waste of film. The biscuit packaging machine adopts dual frequency conversion simple mechanical structure, less wear, easy maintenance and long life.

Our biscuit packing machine for sale, so if you are interested in buying our machines, you can call us for detailed information about the machines or contact us by email. If it is convenient, you can visit our company. We also have a test flight video to show you.
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