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Automatic Wafer Biscuit Cream Spreading Machine For Sale

Publish Tina On 2018-06-20

Wafer biscuit cream spreading machine is a automatic equipment that can spread cream, chocolate, peanut pulp evenly on the wafer biscuits slices, it is for sale, the finished product such as lay in multilayer double color, double sandwich wafer. Cream thickness and layer of the wafer biscuit can be adjustable. Material: choose 304 stainless steel, food grade PU conveyor belt. Choose Siemens or Mitsubishi touch screen, the SEW motor, imported SKF bearing, packing roll and butter bucket has automatic insulation device.
wafer biscuit cream spreading machine for sale
Cream spreading machine is an important machine in the wafer biscuit production line, which determines the number of wafer sheets and cream layers required by the manufacturer. this machine has the following functions: to spread cream layer onto the pre-cooled wafer sheets evenly, to make the book of wafers sheets with different layers of cream and sheets, and then press the wafer sheets and cream layers together slightly. the numbers of cream layers and wafer layers can be adjusted as required as 2/3/4, 3/4/5, 5/6/7. The machine will count them automatically according to the adjustment. There is one device to control temperature automatically and constantly on the roller of filler. The layer thickness also can be adjustable.
This wafer biscuit spreading machine is used for wafer cream spreading, the equipment is suitable for a variety of materials, (such as cream, chocolate, cheese sauce).cream roller smears cream evenly on the wafer surface. cream thickness could be adjustable and cream hopper has a heating device, keeping the cream temperature.

Wafer biscuit cream spreading machine is the important equipment for spreading cream on wafer biscuits surface, and it is an indispensable equipment in the production line of the wafer biscuit. If you are a manufacturer of wafer biscuits, better want to change the machine, then you can choose us, our machine can be sold separately. Customers can choose their own choice according to their own needs, without purchasing a whole production line.
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