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Egg tart skin making machine-a good helper to make egg tart

Publish Tina On 2016-12-12

The egg tart skin machine is made of stainless steel, used for processing egg tart skin with large capacity, stable performance and easy operation. by changing different size molds, this machine can make various size egg tart skins. the produced egg tarts have a nice  texture, sweet smell and delicious tastes. and egg tarts are suitable for all age groups: young and old, men and women, everybody loves egg tarts. So, the egg tart machine enjoys great popularity both at home and in public places like fast restaurants, kindergartens, shopping malls, etc.
The egg tart skin making machine can be used to process the egg tart shell with good quality and large capacity. and this machine can make egg tart skins of various sizes by changing the mold. So the customers have many choices. it is widely used to make Portuguese type egg tart, Beijing type egg tart, Cantonese type egg tart and other type egg tarts.
Based on customer's requirement, this egg tart skin making machine can press 36 pieces egg tart each minute. The press capacity does not rely on the mold of egg tart, however the set rotating speed before it leaves the factory. the rotating speed isn't adjustable. usually, the customer choose this machine (36pieces/min) is more better, with this type suits the substitute feeding best. If you would like large capacity.

egg tart skin machine
The current of the machine is 220v, 50 Hz, single phrase. the current cannot be altered, when the current of customer can't fit, can pick purchase one transverter. Machine material: 202 stainless covering, turntable is aluminium, the underside die is teflon, plunger 304, the very best die bronze, bearings are imported from Japan. Wooden box packaging weight and size: .68 * .8 * .8 m (dimensions), 150 kg.

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