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How Well Do You Know Peanut Brittle Production Line?

Publish Lisa On 2018-06-13

How well do you know about peanut brittle production line? How does it work? Peanut brittle production line is a professional peanut candy production equipment, the production of peanut brittle in various shapes and sizes, and peanut brittle taste delicious. The peanut brittle production line is also suitable for production rice candy, peanut candy, sesame candy, melon seeds candy, sachima and so on.
how well do you know peanut brittle production line
This peanut brittle produciton line for sale in India, Pakistan, America, Uzbekistan, turkmenistan, Turkey, Singapore, Thailand and other countries. The peanut brittle machine has many advantages:
1. The machine can produce a variety of shapes: a round cake, round bar, square, semicircle, triangle, and so on.
2. Mechanical pressure, don't damage the nut particles, forming a more beautiful; Direct mould pressing, without rework cost and loss;
3. The whole machine for mechanical transmission, no air pump, positioning is very accurate; Lower die closely, forming effect is good;
4. Configuration of high performance inverter, speed adjustment is convenient, high efficiency; Performance is stable and continuous production at high speed;
5. Mould, anti-sticking processing was made in the hopper and so on various aspects;
6. Access to food all links, are non-toxic harmless material, and oil resistant, high temperature resistant;
7. Automatic cold transportation link, can according to the demand change in length, or the cooling fan to increase the cooling effect.

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