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How to Operate Ice Cream Cone Baking Machine?

Publish Lisa On 2018-07-28

Ice cream cone baking machine is the equipment mainly used to make different ice cream cones, use this machine to make ice cream cones beautiful shape, good quality and varied in shape and size. So do you know how to operate the ice cream cone baking machine? It's easy to operate this ice-cream cone machine, only one employee can do it. The following video shows you detailed steps to operate the machine.

This ice cream cone baking machine is the main equipment to make ice cream cones with high quality, it consists of ice cream cone baking machine, ice cream cone rolling machine. This machine can grouting automatic, after baking finish, the operator only needs to take out the baked biscuit slices, put it under the rolling head of the rolling machine, and then the machine will be finished automatically. The ice cream cone can be formed. The machine has many characteristics:
1. High quality electrical components, temperature controller adopts automatic temperature adjustment, temperature control is free.
2. Convenient and practical.
3. Imported heating tube device, to enhance the durability, the internal heating pipe layout is reasonable.
4. Good safety performance, high temperature resistant, can guarantee continuous production, high efficiency.
how to operate ice cream cone baking machine
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