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Ice Cream Cone Making Machine Shipped to Sri Lanka

Publish Lisa On 2017-04-02

ice cream cone making machine
Ice cream cone  making machine
made by our company has a long time of production experience, our machines have been professional and technical personnel to develop, has high quality, high efficiency, high security, high guarantee features. This ice cream cone machine was sold to Sri Lanka many times. In Sri Lanka, the people very like to eat it. 

Ice cream cone machine mold is composed by the upper mold, lower mold and manipulate the frame components. This machine is an ideal equipment to produce the various ice cream cones, it has many kinds of mould, change the mould you can make different shapes and size ice cream cones. It is easy to operate, we have many kinds of type machines, such as 2 mould, 4 mould, 8 mould, 10 mould, 12 mould, 24c mould, 32c mould, 40 mould and 60 mould. You can ask to us to know the more information about the machine.

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