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Do You Want to Know How to Make Sesame Candy?

Publish Lisa On 2016-12-01

This sesame candy is very popular, adults and children can not resist the temptation to live,and the practice is super simple, ten minutes can be done.Usually can be placed in a bowl,as dessert, when the guests came can also eat,that sounds good.

sesame candy making machine

Delicious sesame sugar, black sesame seeds as the main raw material, high nutritional value of sesame.Sheng Nongs herbal classic said:virtual lean injury,tonifying five zang organs,benefit strength,filling the brain and marrow function.Ming Medical Record said it has strong bones, bright eyes and ears, resistant to hunger, sickness and other functions.Ge Hong who lives in the Jin Dynasty said:sesame can make the body surface gloss, white hair is still black,for a long time to eat, body light is not old.
Sesame candy made by sesame candy making machine is very common now. While we get to the point to make the sesame candy.

Details of the ingredients
Appropriate amount of peanuts,appropriate amount of black sesame,appropriate amount of shelled melon-seeds,walnut amount,appropriate amount of white sugar.

Sesame candy approach step
1,The walnut, melon seeds, black sesame seeds, peanuts crushed by rolling pin(roll into small particle,not a small powder).
2,A piece of ginger, ready to slice.
3,Sugar reserve.
4,Put ginger boiled juice,for a while.
5,Quick-fry the roll broken nuts.
6,Put ginger and sugar into the pot.
7,Keep stirring until the white foam, but also continue to stir.
8,Stir fry small foam to change color.
9,Put the chopped nuts into the sugar inside and stir fry, see grain nuts covered with sugar, toffee, quickly pour in the foil above.
10,And then covered with a piece of aluminum foil in the sugar.
11,Roll the dough into thin slices.
12,Uncover, cut into strips, while sugar is not hot and hard to cut.
13,Cut, put in the plate can eat.

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