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High Efficient Peanut Brittle Production Line On Sale

Publish Lisa On 2016-11-28

Tangkuai size, length, thickness are adjustable,suitable for the production of sugar square.Our company also provide other shapes peanut candy according to your choice.This machine is suitable for high viscosity, high sugar sugar melon seeds, peanut candy, sweet potato crisp egg, sachima, sesame sugar, etc.After food feeding, automatic completion of the whole pressure, cooling, cutting and other processes.

peanut brittle production line

Characteristics of full automatic peanut brittle production line 
1,Using variable frequency control,the pressure, cooling and cutting automatically, and achieve continuous production.
2,The machine has multiple finishing flat mechanism, make the product more smooth and uniform.
3,Equipped with touch screen,PLC etc full set of delta electronic control system.The operation is very simple and convenient.
4,Matching the corresponding laying device according to different materials.
5,For the same width of cut,length and thickness can be adjusted at any time.If you need to change the width of the peanut candy, replace the knife shaft can be.

The type peanut candy cutting machine made by our company is very practical.The machine can cut the sugar square of any size, but also more convenient replacement specification. The machine adopts the middle belt conveyor, the effect of accelerated cooling of sugar, and the speed of the machine can be opened quickly. The whole machine adopts mechanical transmission, the failure rate is very low, and it is very convenient to use.Our company also has its own website, if you feel that this section does not meet your requirements, you can browse our website to find what you need.

The whole line includes peanut roasting machine,peanut peeling machine,sugar cooking pot,temperature control nonstick mixer,stainless steel conveyor,automatic molding and cutting machine,automatic packaging machine.

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