Commercial Peanut Brittle Production Line For Sale
  • Commercial Peanut Brittle Production Line For Sale
  • Commercial Peanut Brittle Production Line For Sale
  • Commercial Peanut Brittle Production Line For Sale
  • Commercial Peanut Brittle Production Line For Sale
  • Commercial Peanut Brittle Production Line For Sale

Commercial Peanut Brittle Production Line For Sale

  • Brand:GELGOOG Machinery
  • Pay Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, etc.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Peanut brittle production line is mainly make peanut candy(peanut brittle),sesame brittle and other candy.

Main Feature

Have widely usage in produce candy and brittle.


Introduction of Peanut Brittle Production Line
The peanut candy production line consists of heating and stirring, reciprocating platen, automatic cuts composition, with simple operation, stir the finished size, weight consistent. The main product is peanut peeling machine, peanut roasting machine, sugar cooking pot, mixer, peanut candy forming machine, peanut candy forming machine, cooling machine, packing machine and so on. It can make the peanut candy with different shapes and sizes.
Commercial Peanut Brittle Production Line For Sale
The main product in the production line
Automatic Peanut Roasting Machine is made of metal and it is a single-body roaster. It has a simple structure and it is very easy to operate.
Peanut Peeling Machine is suitable for processing a variety of peeling peanuts, almonds and so on.
Sugar cooking Pot is mainly used for candy, rice crisp, beverage, pharmaceutical and other processing.
Temperature Control Nonstick Mixer, it is mainly used for crisp egg cakes, rice crisp, frozen swelled candy rice etc recreation food agitation.
Peanut Brittle Molding and Cutting Machine is mainly used for peanut brittle, sesame candy etc food processing.
Automatic packing machine is mainly used for biscuits, bread, moon cake, candy, eggs, sweet potato cakes.
peanut brittle making machine
Company Introduction
Gelgoog Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Henan city of Zhengzhou Province, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, is a good base for foreign friends to invest and develop. It is mainly engaged in the production line of sesame peanut candy, candy machine, ShaQima, cereal bars machinery manufacturers. The larger the size of the domestic production of food machinery, packaging company. Machine of professional enterprises. Covers an area of 27800 square meters, construction area of 15680 square meters, the building of scientific research and development of 1000 square meters, total investment in fixed assets of 10 million yuan. A set of scientific research, production, trade in one.

If you are interested with our peanut candy making machine, please feel free to contact with me, we will send you the machine price and details by your requirement.
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skype: jacobyaogelgoog
Technical Data
Name Model Output(kg/h) Diameter(mm)
Automatic Peanut Roaster GGFK-LA 200 2700*1260*1550
Peanut Peeling Machine GG-3 200-250 1200*1050*1200
Sugar Cooking Pot GGFK-100 100 1320*970*960
Temperature Control Nonstick Mixer GG-400W 3-8kg/time 800*1400*820
Peanut Brittle Molding and Cutting Machine GG 300-500 6200*1800*1200
Automatic Peanut Brittle Packing Machine GGSH280B    


1.Q:Have you exported to our country?
  A:We have wide market all around the world,such as Africa,America,and Asia.All the reputation depends on the quality!Give us a chance ,we can feed back a satisfaction!
2.Q:How can we arrange the shipping?
  A:We cooperated with some reliable shipping companies for several years,we can be responsible for the shipping to your country.If you have shipping forwarders in china,we can also cooperate with them!
3.Q:What's the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?
  A:We are specialized in wholesales of food machinery, so the agent in overseas will be highly appreciated !The best quality with best price,to achieve the win-win cooperation!
4.Q:Can I visit your company?
  A:We have exhibition hall in Zhengzhou city,welcome to visit us to examine the quality and negotiate our business!
5.Q:What payment method do you accept?
  A:We accept payment by T/T or Western Union generally, and also can accept L/C.used to offer the cones for the perfusion of ice cream in the next process.


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