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Introduction of Ice Cream Cone Wafer Forming Machine

Publish sherry On 2016-11-28

Attractive in price and quality ice cream sugar cone mold making machine.
Introduction of Ice Cream Cone Wafer Forming Machine Design user-friendly, simple operation, this machine is divided into the upper die and lower die, when using through the temperature control knob, the temperature first tune up, the temperature rose up after the upper die to pull up and lower mold together and pour into pastes, and then on the molding under the mold close, it was about one or two minutes later, the cone can shape, the upper die to pull up under the mold opened, and the cone will automatically fall into the following and slide channel.
Applicable scope:
Tea restaurant equipment, cake room equipment, coffee shop equipment, bakery equipment, western food shop equipment, liquor stores equipment, restaurants equipment, leisure food factory equipment factory, frozen fruits and vegetables processing equipment and other factory.
Why choose Gelgoog?
1. International Standard, European Quality
2. Our machinery design and manufacturing engineers get over 10 years’ experiences in ice cream machinery industry.
Our installation and training engineers get over 6 years’ experiences in ice cream production industry.
3. Our site production engineers get over 10 years’ experiences of site-quality-monitoring in international well-known ice cream factories.
4. The electric and pneumatic components are all brought from international famous brand to make sure your local replacement is achievable.
5. For the key part purchasing of the machinery, we use the same procurement channel with the international first class companies. We choose the highest standard materials for our product.
6. We get over 10 years’ experiences of Design, manufacturing, exporting delivery, installation, commissioning, personnel training and site attendant production. We never stop new product innovation and developing.
7. We always consider long term benefits for our customers.
We know it is very important to produce the machine which can trim the cost, reduce the production loss with low failure rate. Meanwhile we also try our best to help you extending the market share.
We have various kinds of the moulds with different shape and size.
We also could make the moulds for your special requirements.
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