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Biscuit spreading machine manufacturer

Publish Tina On 2016-11-28

the raw materials of the wafer biscuit have the flour and cream. Many people like to eat wafer biscuit was in large part in the middle of the cream, flour and butter combination of wafer biscuit pop now.
If it is household production biscuit cake only need artificial do wafer biscuit, but the factory production wafer biscuit, you need to use the wafer biscuit production line, because the factory need to produce a large number of wafer biscuit, the efficiency of artificial too slow.
biscuit spreading machine is a very important machine, its role is largely wafer bread with cream.
This machine is used for wafer biscuit cream daub and laminated, the equipment is suitable for a variety of materials, (such as cream, chocolate, cheese sauce). Cream roll in the biscuit surface evenly daub cream, cream thickness is adjustable, cream designed a heating device, keep the temperature of the cream. (you can choose 2-3 butter head.)
This biscuit spreading machine is an important machine in the wafer line that determines the number of wafer sheets and cream layers required by the manufacturer. This machine has the following functions: to spread cream layer onto the pre-cooled wafer sheets evenly, to make the book of wafers sheets with different layers of cream and sheets, and then press the wafer sheets and cream layers together slightly. The numbers of cream layers and wafer layers can be adjusted as required as 2/3/4,3/4/5,5/6/7. The machine will count them automatically according to the adjustment. There is one device to control temperature automatically and constantly on the roller of filler. The layer thickness can be adjustable, too.
1. The cylinder type elevating conveyor belt
2. The cream roller set heating device
3. Rotate the laminated structure, laminated can set 2-8 layers
4. The system is equipped with heating overtemperature alarm and fault alarm
5. PLC automatic control program
6. HMI man-machine dialogue interface, easy operation
7. Apply speed: 45 pieces/minute
biscuit spreading machine
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