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Make a more delicious Peanut Brittle

Publish sherry On 2016-12-12

Peanut Brittle has a sweet and buttery flavor with a hard and crunchy texture. It uses the most basic of ingredients (sugar, corn syrup, and peanuts). What's important to know is that the corn syrup controls the grain of the brittle so adding too little and you have a grainy textured brittle, while adding too much will result in a stringy and sticky brittle.
To start this Peanut Brittle, the water, corn syrup,  sugar, raw peanuts, and salt are brought to a boil. Because the peanuts are raw they are added at the beginning so they have time to cook and impart a nice peanut flavor to the sugar mixture. Some recipes call for adding roasted peanuts and if you want to do this, simply add the peanuts, not at the beginning, but rather wh Make a more delicious Peanut Brittleen the syrup reaches about 245 degrees F (118 degrees C). Brittles are cooked to a very high temperature, the 'hard crack' stage (296 degrees F, 147 degrees C). You will need to stir the sugar mixture occasionally to prevent the peanuts from sticking to the bottom of the pan, and thereby scorching. When the brittle reaches the desired temperature, remove from heat, and carefully add the baking soda, vanilla extract, and butter. The brittle will immediately puff up but just keep stirring until everything is mixed together. Baking soda is added as it helps with browning plus it gives the brittle a lighter and crunchier texture. Butter and vanilla are added for flavor. The brittle is then poured onto a cookie sheet and if you want a thin brittle, then while the brittle is still very hot, use two forks to stretch the brittle to how thin you want it.
Peanut brittle can produced by Peanut Brittle Production Line, The machine stirring, flatting, and cutting three processes are integrated together, without manual operation, it has realized the real automatic and intelligent operation. Improve the production efficiency, save the human cost. Imitate human manual cutting principle, adopts advanced frequency control of motor speed, it can produce different products according to customers’ needs.
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